September 27 - October 5, 2011
Gyeongju, Hapcheon, and Seoul

All photos by J. Keith Wilson
Under the leadership of J. Keith Wilson, Curator of Ancient Chinese Art at Freer Sackler Galleries(FSG), and S. Euna Yoo, Director of SEY ARTNET, a Korean art study tour was conducted for the Galleries’ supporter group ‘Friends of the FSG’ from September 27 through October 5, 2011. Dedicated to Asian art, FSG is one of the 19 museums that comprise the Smithsonian museums in Washington DC. Nine members of the FSG’s Friends joined this Korean art discovery.
Covering two cities and a county: Gyeongju, Hapcheon, and Seoul, the tour program provided an in-depth opportunity to explore Korean art and culture in chronological order from the Three Kingdom period to the present time. Another significant aspect of this tour was that it reaffirmed the importance of context reading in understanding culture and history. As a country that has a long history but lost a considerable amount of cultural heritage through a series of foreign attacks and the fast modernization, Korea is not an ideal site to run a trip dealing with ancient culture; however, this tour made us realize that even the humblest place or object can come alive for modern people with proper contextual interpretation.
The following is the tour itinerary.

Day 1 | Tuesday, September 27 The Silla Capital
Travel from Seoul to Gyeongju by KTX
Anapji Pond
Daereungwon Tumuli Park
Day 2 | Wednesday, September 28 Silla Buddhism
Seokguram Grotto
Bulguksa Temple
Gyeongju National Museum (a special highlight tour of the museum with director Yi Young-hoon)
The studio of the artist Park Daesung (organized by Prof. Chung Byungmo)
Day 3 | Thursday, September 29 After the fall: Rural Confucians in the Joseon period
Oksan Seowon
Yangdong Village
The house of the leader of Son clan in Yangdong Village
Artsonje Museum
Day 4 Friday, September 30 Goryeo Buddhist temple: Haeinsa
Travel from Gyeongju to Hapcheon
Haeinsa Temple (Tripitaka Koreana and Haein Art Project)
Travel from Hapcheon to Seoul
A special lecture on the history of the National Museum of Korea by Dr. Kim Lena
Day 5 | Saturday, October 1 A Confucian kingdom: Recovering from the Hideyoshi Invasions and re-establishing royal Joseon orthodoxy in the 17th century
Changdeokgung Palace*
The studio of the ceramicist Kim Yikyung
Jongmyo Shrine*
National Palace Museum
Day 6 | Sunday, October 2 Confucian and Buddhist traditions
National Museum of Korea
A special luncheon hosted by Lee Wonbok, chief curator of the National Museum of Korea
Studio of the artist, Jung Yeondoo
Day 7 | Monday, October 3 Joseon scholar officials and the modern city
Bukchon Hanok Village*
A special lecture on Goryeo Buddhist Painting by Dr. Chung Woothak
*Architect Hwang Doojin kindly shared his insight on Korean architecture when we toured Changdeok Palace, Jongmyo Shrine and Bukchon Hanok Village.
Day 8 | Tuesday, October 4 Seoul: Old and new
Leeum, Samsung Museum of Art
Kukje Gallery
PKM Gallery (A talk with the artist Lim Minouk)
Artsonje Center
Day 9 | Wednesday, October 5 Seoul now
Hite Foundation
PKM Trinity Gallery
Songeun Art Space
BADA Design
Korea Furniture Museum